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  • Parking 3D

    Parking 3D

    Check your parking skills. Parking 3D - suggests to try various difficult situations with parking, which it is possible to face in practice.Features: Excellent app for beginning motorists2 modes:

  • Guitar hero

    Guitar hero

    Guitar Hero - a musical game for your I-device, where you will be able to play a real guitar. Show your best results and rise at the top of Rock rating.Features: Wide choice of compositions

  • Beat the Boss 3

    Beat the Boss 3

    Beat the Boss 3 - the continuation of clarifying the relationship with the boss.Features: More than 100 types of new weapon and its setting Upgrade of the boss Beautiful scenes of handwork Game

  • Zya


    Zya - a musical game, where it is easy to become a star and to brag of your masterpieces on YouTube, Facebook and so on. Choose a genre, set a rhythm and make mixes.Features: Variety of characters

  • Spearfishing 2 Pro

    Spearfishing 2 Pro

    Do you like diving and fishing? So it’s for you, Spearfishing 2 Pro suggests to hunt by means of a harpoon on representatives of fauna, but also you shouldn’t forget that there are the ones, who