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  • Overkill


    The world collapses in the nearest future. You destroy enemies as a hireling. You will be paid for everything: murder, new weapons and upgrades of the current one. 18 kinds of weapons, including

  • iHorse Racing

    iHorse Racing

    iHorse Racing - in this remarkable simulator of competitions on horses, first of all you should choose a horse at auction, buy it, and then look after it, grow and certainly prepare for the main

  • After Burner Climax

    After Burner Climax

    You have never felt such speed in jet fighter before! After Burner Climax – an action at an unreal speed of piloting. Specification of a view from the cabin is on the highest level. Fly between

  • iMovie


    Make beautiful HD movies anywhere with iMovie, the fast and fun moviemaking app. Create video card with a day on a beach and publish video in network. Or make cinema from a party on the occasion of

  • Talking Pals-Daisy the Cow !

    Talking Pals-Daisy the Cow !

    Cows rarely open their mouth but Daisy is a non-stop talking cow that resides in your iDevice. Daisy responds to your voice and gestures; Talk to her and she will repeat whatever you say, poke her on

  • Burger Queen World

    Burger Queen World

    Your father left you instead of himself as a seller of hamburgers while he has a rest on the Hawaii. And you should keep reputation of a caf? of your father before his return! Your skills will

  • Throw The Knife

    Throw The Knife

    Hate flies? We do too! In Throw The Knife you are able to vent all the rage on them! Try to rescue a cute Buddy, an adorable little creature, that for some reason attracts hundreds of pesky flies.

  • Motorbike


    Motorbike - an excellent motor-trial created by baKno. You are waited for by a huge number of tracks and an editor of your own levels. Thanks to this editor you will be able to find new, interesting

  • Gangnam Street Fight

    Gangnam Street Fight

    Gangnam Street Fight - the best game for tension removal. Even if you're a relatively stress-free person you need to blow off steam at some point or another. A place to manage your anger without